Clear Serene EQUINE, 1L


Clear SereneTM Equine 20000 bottle contains 1 Liter of CBD Oil packed with 20000 mg (20 grams) of CBD carried in fractionated MCT coconut oil. While CBD provides many benefits to our animals, our animals do not have receptors for THC. The legal limit for THC in CBD is 0.003 or three tenths of one percent. However, THC even at very low levels can and does accumulate in fatty tissues over time and may cause great harm to our animals. Clear SereneTM Equine 20000 is derived from non-GMO, US grown industrial hemp isolates that are higher than 99% pure and certified by third party laboratories to have undetectable levels of THC and pesticides. You can feel confident, safe and assured that giving your animal any dose of Clear Serene TM Equine will cause no harm and provide the benefits your animal requires.


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