7 Essential Metals, Minerals & Vitamins to boost your Immune System's Performance


Eicosadose Immune Booster includes 7 essential metals, minerals & vitamins that help boost the performance of our immune system. We derive these components from three different algae: Chlorella, Kelp and Spirulina as well as yeast. 

Vitamin C  a water/blood soluble antioxidant that helps detoxify but also plays critical roles in maintaining health including collagen production. 

Iron:  To supports our ability of red blood cells to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the tissue.  Eicosadose  immune booster contains algae derived iron which has higher bioavailability vs. the iron found in plants. 

Selenium: An essential compound especially for the thyroid. We add a specific form of selenium from algae and yeast called selenomethionine that enables protein creation. 

Magnesium: An essential metal that supports energy production as well as nerve and muscle functions. Diabetics and diets rich in processed foods are particularly at risk of magnesium deficiency. We include a high bioavailable form of magnesium that is water/blood soluble.

Zinc:  Another metal critical to our health. Our bodies use zinc for DNA synthesis,  in our immune system and as an anti-inflammatory agent.  Plant protein sources are high zinc but also high in phytic acid which lowers zinc's bioavailability. Zinc Oxides are also widely used in supplements but with low bioavailability.  Our form of zinc is derived from algae, free of oxides , phytic acid and phytates. 

DHA:   Modern industrial diets include Omega 6 oils but are deficient in Omega 3.  Both Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils are critical to immune system functionality. 

Taurine:  Taurine is an amino acid and a building block of proteins. Taurine is used throughout our bodies for digestion, controlling the salt levels needed to move vital compounds into/out of our cells by osmosis and heart/eye health.