Is CBD an Antioxidant?

Wait-  what is an antioxidant anyway? 

We all know we need oxygen to live. I remembered that oxygen is written as “O2”. That is because two oxygens hanging out together are quite stable and are sharing electrons together.  Add a carbon to the party?  No problem, we can make Carbon Dioxide (C02) and still have a stable compound. 

However, the second you have too many or not enough electrons to go around, oxygen turns into lonely barfly who wreaks havoc with any male or female it can find regardless of whether it is welcome or not. 

Oxygen in this state is generally referred to as reactive oxygen species (ROS) or free radicals.  Once a free radical embraces you, you become “oxidized” and your night is ruined.  You can observe the effects of being oxidized all around us. Rust?  That is oxygen free radicals attacking iron. Brown apples or avocadoes?   Oxidation.

In our bodies, free radicals destroy our ability to generate power. They can damage your DNA causing mutations and even cancer, damage your skin and of course if you have a barfly hanging around your neck you  are out of action for the night.  The only thing you can take pleasure in is the knowledge that once the barfly gloms onto you,  that barfly is out of circulation and can’t harm others in the bar.

You have become an antioxidant.

CBD is an antioxidant BUT…

It is a really bad idea to lose CBD to free radicals.  Our immune system uses CBD to help it make the the signals that cells use to talk with each other.  If a bunch of free radicals take out your CBD supply then you vulnerable to physical damage or being attacked by any pathogens hanging around.

Hire a professional!

We can get antioxidants by taking antioxidant supplements (e.g. Vitamin C, E) or by our diet.  (OK, perhaps not by eating off the menu of my theoretical bar).

Eicosadose is formulated with nature’s most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin which is 5000X more powerful than Vitamin C as an antioxidant.

If you want to protect yourself from free radicals,  Eicosadose is the most powerful bouncer you can hire. It will clean out more riff-raff than any other antioxidant.  

Eicosadose is packed with CBD, Chlorophyll, Vitamin C, Iron, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, DHA  and Taurine. A literal antioxidant entourage effect. Like CBD,  each of these compounds could be  bouncers,  but they all have their own role in keeping you healthy doing other things vs. being antioxidants. 

Buzz off barfly.  I have astaxanthin ready to bounce you on out of here. 


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