CBD Topical Pain Relief Creams- A Primer

I have been carrying CBD pain relief creams from Snce Labs in my store for the past three years.  My clients fall into two categories.  The first use Serene Relief CBD topical creams for relief from chronic pain.   The second group has some form of temporary acute pain that is usually associated physical  overexertion.  

CBD pain relief creams can help ease pain regardless of whether you have over exercised a muscle or are suffering from chronic pain.

There are significant differences in how CBD creams and lotions work. Most cream and lotion formulations have CBD from isolate plus other ingredients and optional fragerents.   Menthol, for example,  has a cooling effect suitable for recovery after exerting yourself at the gym.  Creams can also include components to hydrate and refresh the skin. 

When picking a CBD topical to carry in my store,  I considered many factors.

Do my customers report back that my creams work help ease their pain? 

I only carry products that have 1200 mg of CBD  in a 30 ml jar.

When you apply CBD topically,  the goal is get CBD to migrate into the sub-dermal layers.  SNCE Labs formulation hydrates and moisturizes the skin to facilitate deeper penetration for pain relief.

We experimented with lower concentrations and found most 
acute and chronic pain customers did not feel the lower concentrations worked for them. 

Are there other benefits to using CBD topical creams? 

CBD is an antioxidant and helps repair skin damaged by UV.  The same ingredients that help hydrate and moisturize the skin for deeper penetration also help to repair the skin and maintain suppleness. 

My creams are not designed to replace suntan lotions so be sure to protect yourself when you go outside for extended periods of time. 

Can CBD help promote collagen growth?

Other CBD providers are claiming CBD can promote collagen formation in the skin to boost suppleness. Neither my manufacturer, Snce Labs, nor I have seen any science suggesting there is a direct link between CBD and collagen.  Vitamin C, however, plays a role in collagen formation and some topicals may include vitamin C in their formulation. Personally,  I find it easier to take vitamin C orally either through diet or supplements.   Let me know if you have a source that you trust that suggests otherwise but until then I remain skeptical unless there are other ingredients in the cream that can support this claim. 

Can I offer a fair price to my customers?

I sell 1200 mg of CBD for $45.  If you have other products out there that can do a better job let me know at support@nanoserene.com.

Choosing the right product

I have been selling Serene Relief from Snce Labs for 3+ years.  Their formulation is third party tested and certified free of contaminates that may damage my skin.  I offer 4 different formulations:  unscented,  sports for active users who overdo it and two relaxing scents to chill out and relieve pain. 

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