CBD for Cats & Dogs

Hi Everyone. 

I have many visitors to my retail store (and online) that ask me if CBD will help their pets with anxiety.  There are many possible triggers that cause your pet to get anxious.  Loud noises, the presence of a "new" human or pet in the house or wild animal in the backyard can all increase or cause your pet anxiety.  CBD oil can help calm your pet but only if used properly. 

What type of CBD oil is right for my pet?  

While CBD extracted from hemp is legal in every state there but are many confusing claims out there.

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils contain trace amounts of  tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.  No level of THC is safe for your pets who unlike humans cannot process THC. Avoid any products that contain THC in any amount. 

Others market "hemp oil extracts" for pets. Very misleading.   These oils are derived from hemp seeds and do not contain CBD but are legally sold on Amazon. Buyer beware. 

Look for CBD oils manufactured with CBD isolates.  I carry  Clear Serene for Pets  which is a pure CBD isolate oil derived from hemp and processed to retain nothing but pure CBD. This product will calm your pet without dangerous side effects. 

How to select the best CBD oil for your pet

The best CBD oil for your pet has only two ingredients,  CBD from isolate and a carrier oil.  Look for CBD pet isolates that are clearly marked with the number of milligrams of CBD in the bottle and backed by third party test results that certify the contents of the bottle contain the CBD you are paying for plus the oil is free of pesticide, bacteria and metal contamination.  My Clear Serene for Pets oil uses pure Alaskan salmon oil as the carrier.  Pets love the taste and the Omega 3 in Salmon oil helps promote your pet's immune system and fur health. 

What is the right amount of CBD to give to your pet? 

Dogs, cats and humans!  all make CBD naturally.  CBD is used to make arachidonic acid which together with Omega 3 and 6 oils forms the basis of how cells communicate chemically with each other.   If your animal cannot manufacture enough CBD internally  the result can be anxiety and pain.

I carry two pet products, one with 300 mg in the bottle for small dogs and cats and a 600 mg version for medium and large dogs.  Start with one full dropper and experiment until your animal calms down without getting too lethargic. 

How do you give CBD oil to your pets? 

Call me old fashioned but don't carry CBD treats, gummies, "ear oils" or any other expensive or exotic delivery methods.    All my pets love salmon oil.  I squirt their dose of CBD oil onto their dinner and they dive right in.  No mess, no fuss.

Do I have to worry about interactions between CBD and other medications my pet may be taking? 

If your pet is taking other medications, always check with your vet before starting a CBD supplement.  

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