Can't sleep? 6 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

While a dose of Green Serene Full Spectrum CBD before bedtime helps us relax, bad sleep habits can counter the calming effects of CBD. 

Here are 6 tips for a better night sleep. 

1) Take a warm bath or shower one to two hours before bedtime. 

Researchers at University of Texas found that taking a nice warm bath or shower promotes a better night's sleep. Warm water promotes circulation to your extremities, opening up blood flow to your hands and feet.  Your core body temperature drops to the ideal sleeping temperature. Try it out. 

I have been pitched countless CBD bath balms to carry in my store. I have tried several of them and find no benefit from having CBD floating around in my bathwater.   I don't carry products in my store that I don't believe in. 

2) Stop eating and drinking alcohol well before bedtime. 

I love wine.  Whenever I start cooking, I crack open a bottle which also seems to go well with dinner. If dinner is over by 8:00 pm with bedtime at 10 or 11 I am fine  and get a good night's sleep.  However, whenever I am in Europe or Latin America the culture demands I eat dinner at 11:00 at night pretty much ruining any chance for a great night's sleep. Self induced misery. 


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3) Ditch the caffeine

After a nice meal with alcohol involved there is a mandatory cup of coffee offered. Caffeine before bedtime is a nightmare. Not only does caffeine elevate heart rates it also is a diuretic. Caffeine changes the depth of my sleep and makes me have to get up to go to the bathroom during the night.   Ditch the caffeine for a better night's sleep. 

If you want to drink a non-alcoholic beverage prior to sleeping try a calming non caffeinated green tea containing valerian root, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender passion flower or magnolia bark. 

4) Shut off all your electronic devices an hour before you want to go to sleep. 

You had a busy day and after dinner want to "relax" and catch up. It is way too easy use the hour before bedtime to watch the latest episode of CSI, do your emails,  check your social channels and post some pics.   Unfortunately your electronic devices all emit blue light.  The America Academy of Sleep Medicine 
tells us to turn off our devices 30 minutes before you hit the hay.  Blue light destroys our natural sleep patterns and our goal is to fall asleep without our heart and mind racing to figure out how to solve the latest TV crime before Jethro. 

 4. Listen to Music

In 2005 the NIH did a study that linked calming music to a better night's sleep in older adults.  Other studies showed similar effects in younger populations.  As much as I love great latin dance music,  listening to that before bedtime elevates my heartbeat. 

I am still trying to find tracts that calm me down and help me tune out my day. 

What does it for me is a good romantic novel but if I really want to fall asleep fast then give me poetry and I am out by page 2. 

5. Melatonin? 

Our bodies use CBD to make eicosanoids which are used as chemical signals for intercellular communication.   When it gets dark,  the eicosanoid systems signal our bodies to make melatonin naturally.

I have looked at stand alone melatonin supplements or combinations of CBD and melatonin.  I am not yet convinced as too many users of melatonin supplements report side effects including headache, feelings of depression and daytime sleepiness.  I am also reading  reports from the National Institute of Health (NIH) showing poor bioavailability of oral melatonin supplements.  I am going to take care of my eicosanoid system and let my pineal gland (a small gland behind the brain) make the melatonin I need to put me to sleep. 

6) Meditate. 

There are nine?  forms of meditation. Progressive relaxation is a fantastic way to reduce tension prior to bedtime. 

Sleep well and stay healthy,


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