Best Full Spectrum CBD Product at a Fair Price

Hi Everyone, 

After two years of selling CBD,  one of the questions I get is if Green Serene Full Spectrum Oil is so good, why it priced so much below others? 

Let's start with why I think Snce Labs Full and Broad Spectrum CBD process makes the best product on the market.

Most CBD providers I tested brag about using super critical carbon dioxide extraction using heat and pressure followed by distilling to make pure CBD isolates. Others use ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction using heat and chemicals to extract oil soluble compounds found in hemp.

Snce Labs is completely unique.   They use high amounts of mechanical energy at very low temperatures to break down the hemp cell walls.  The low temperature is critical to ensure non of the compounds we want are denatured or destroyed by the extraction process. 

In minutes they get everything out of the plant including CBD, trace THC, terpenes, fatty acids,  and chlorophyll.   A true full spectrum cbd oil. 

The taste was bold,  green and grassy.  I loved it.  They showed me pictures of the nano droplets in their oils.  I loved it even more. Nano-droplets are the perfect way to deliver CBD through the blood stream into our bodies. 

When they told me their price,  i was shocked. I thought all that goodness would come at a premium. However. their process is so efficient they explained they could offer me a fair price which I in turn chose to pass on to my customers.  

A few data points. CBD Distillery sells their "full spectrum" product, 1000 mg at $60. I sell Green Serene Extra 1500 mg for $56. Kanibi sells 750 mg of cbd for $69.    Nuleaf?  $79 for 900 mg..   I sell 1200 mg of Green Serene for $45.  The list goes on and on.   

If you don't believe I have the best product at a fair price please let me know! 


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