All about CBD Isolates

What are CBD Isolates? 

CBD isolates are widely used in the industry.   CBD Isolate is refined from jhemp, distilled into a powder or solid and is 99% pure CBD.  CBD isolate is odorless and tasteless making an ideal candidate to be incorporated in a variety of form factors including CBD gummies, tinctures and topicals. 

What to people take CBD Isolates for?

Isolates are used to get relief from pain,  lower stress (which helps to promote a better night’s sleep),  relieve anxiety and reduce inflammation.   As these products are made using pure CBD, there are no potential complications from other cannabinoids found in hemp including trace amounts of THC (delta 8 and delta 9).  CBD Isolates are also widely used for pets which unlike humans, cannot tolerate and process THC in any form.

What is the best way for me to take CBD Isolates?

CBD is hydrophobic,  meaning it is not water or blood soluble but dissolves easily in oil. I always recommend taking CBD Isolate products together with some form of fat.  As  fats + CBD Isolate enters the digestive tract, our microbiome will use the fats to “hide” the CBD in a blood soluble envelop enabling the CBD to better move into the bloodstream. 

CBD Isolate tinctures use a carrier oil such as MCT or safflower oil,  both containing fats essential for microbiome assemble the blood soluble envelops. 

If you are taking CBD Isolate directly, such as placing CBD Isolate under your tongue, I recommend consuming some form of fat containing food (in modest quantities).

Are CBD Isolate Topicals Effective?

CBD topicals have been widely used to relieve joint pain.  In a widely cited study CBD has also shown promise to relive acne but no claims can be made without going through extensive FDA trials.

We found the most effective creams have 1200 mg of CBD Isolate in a 30 ml container. CBD Isolate topicals also may have other active ingredients added including moisturizers, menthols and natural or artificial scents. Be sure to check the ingredient list esp. if you have allergies.

What is the difference between CBD Isolates, Full and Broad-Spectrum CBD?

CBD Isolates: CBD isolates is 99.9% pure CBD crystals or powders that have been distilled from industrial hemp.  There are no other constituents unless the manufacture adds them in.

Full-spectrum CBD:  Technically full spectrum CBD products include everything found in the hemp plant including CBD in various forms,  terpenes, trace amounts of THC (delta 8 and delta 9), chlorophyll (an antioxidant),  and all the fatty acids found inside hemp cells. CBD Full Spectrum oils that are nano sized these compounds and use the fats from the hemp plant to further improve the ability of CBD to enter the bloodstream.

Broad-Spectrum CBD: To classify as a broad-spectrum product, you must have CBD plus terpenoids and other plant matter (such as chlorophyll and fatty acids from the hemp cell.  These produces do not contain THC in any form.  Most broad-spectrum products are made using CBD isolates and adding back terpenes that were also distilled and do not include any plant matter nor are nano-sized to improve the uptake of these products into the bloodstream.

I carry a complete line of CBD Tinctures and Topicals from Snce Laboratories for humans and pets.   Contact me at anytime if you have any questions.    

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